The Definitive Guide to Sales & Use Tax
Posted on September 9, 2013

Did you know...

While searching for the perfect pumpkin for Halloween in Iowa, be sure the pumpkin patch knows that you’re going to use the pumpkin for making pies rather than for decoration; it will save you 7% sales tax.



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How this guide may help you:

If you collect sales tax from customers in one or more taxing jurisdictions, this guide is for you. Covering everything from sales tax challenges to use tax statutes, this paper provides a detailed primer on sales and use tax compliance.

This guide is divided into six main sections:
  1. Overview of the sales and use tax landscape. Who owes it? Who collects it?
  2. Discussion of the complexities in sales and use tax laws. Who is exempt?
  3. Information about complying with sales and use tax. What steps can a company take?
  4. General sales tax rules by state.
  5. Glossary of relevant terms.
  6. Additional resources.
What this guide will not provide:

Although we hope you’ll find it helpful, this guide is not presenting legal or tax advice. And it is definitely no substitute for expert advice. For that, please consult your tax advisor.
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