The Hidden Costs of Your Manual Sales & Use Tax System
Posted on September 9, 2013

Did you know...

While searching for the perfect pumpkin for Halloween in Iowa, be sure the pumpkin patch knows that you’re going to use the pumpkin for making pies rather than for decoration; it will save you 7% sales tax.
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What you don't know can't hurt you, right?

If something is hidden, it’s out of sight, and many times, out of mind. Sales and use tax compliance presents risks and costs, of the apparent and the hidden variety, for businesses of all sizes. However, sales and use tax compliance is rarely first on a business’ radar when the discussion turns to reducing risks and costs.

Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a bad experience, like an audit or even a string of notices, to remind business owners of the critical importance of accurate sales and use tax calculation, collection and remittance. Unfortunately for business owners, many other costs and inefficiencies of sales and use tax compliance are hidden. Hidden costs and hidden sources of risk are often magnified in a manual system.

Here are five areas where hidden costs can wreak havoc on your business overhead and bottom line:
  1. Logistics
  2. Personnel management
  3. Reporting and analysis
  4. Audits
  5. Credit tracking

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