Admit it. You hate doing your clients’ tax returns.

And yet, many of your clients need help filing their sales tax returns and rely on you to make sure they’re accurate and remitted on time.

We can help. We’re the sales tax experts.

Avalara automates the calculation, filing and remittance of sales tax for thousands of products and services, and works with most popular billing applications, including QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Big Commerce, Woocommerce, Shopify Plus, and lots more! What’s more – we guarantee that they’ll be accurate and on time.

And there’s something special in it for you!

When you refer a client, we’ll send you a $75 Amazon gift card as a token of our appreciation for telling your clients about us. Everybody wins!

*Referrals must be net new to Avalara. Please confirm with your employer whether you are eligible to receive this offer before you refer clients through this form.