In 2018, everything changed for those who sell online. When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of internet sales tax legislation states were granted authority to impose sales tax obligations on out-of-state businesses regardless of their physical location. In many states, you're now required to file and remit if you simply make 200 transactions or $100,000 in sales into the state.

Learn about how these new rules will impact your business and the steps you can take now to prepare. Join us every Thursday at 11 a.m. Pacific for a 1 hour presentation and Q&A session:

You'll learn:

  • What economic nexus means and why it matters
  • Which states are rolling out new laws and when they go into effect
  • How to determine if your business is impacted based on your transaction history
  • How to automate filing and remittance in new states
  • How to properly document and account for exempt sales