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Avalara Webinars and Continued Education Series
The Avalara Continued Learning Series brings together a variety of online presentations for Avalara users to participate in each month. We cover a variety of topics including Global sales tax, exemption certificates, W-9 management and best practices for filing sales tax returns. Webinars are always free and participants are encouraged to ask questions and connect with speakers before/during/after the presentations on the corresponding webinar page in the Avalara Community. Avalara customers can also view past webinars in our archive.
Featured Webinars

Retailers, distributors, service providers — even software companies — have a lot to consider when it comes to sourcing rules on sales tax. As many of you know, it’s not as simple as charging a tax rate based on where an invoice is billed. It’s a challenging problem to solve, but it’s about to get easier. Attend this presentation and learn the difference between “origin” based vs “destination” based, the tax rules around selling services and intangible property, how use tax factors in for buyers and distributors, and more.
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Many business are left wondering who is responsible for sales tax? That’s a question not easily answered without understanding the rules of the game. Sales tax guru Marilyn Wethekam, J.D., LL.M. will demystify drop shipping rules and explain when a 3rd party triggers sales tax, whether sales or use tax is owed and why drop shipping often creates nexus.
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Monthly Product Demos
Mitigating risk is a big part of running a business. Sales tax isn't typically top of mind for most financial executives. It doesn't contribute to the bottom line, so why worry about it? Sales tax isn't a big money maker for you, but it is for the states. In fact, for the 45 states that collect it, sales tax makes up one-third to one-half of their revenues. Facing budget deficits, many states are increasing audits as a means for recovery. Learn how to mitigate risk and automate sales tax calculation by attending our informational webinar and product demo of Avalara's AvaTax sales tax automation solution.

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Mishandled exemption certificates are a leading cause of audit exposure for today's tax departments. You may not realize you are mismanaging exemption certificates or you may be reactive; correcting invalid or retrieving missing certificates when errors are discovered. Learn how Avalara CertCapture can simplify the exemption certificate process during a thirty-minute demonstration. You'll learn how easily it is to create, manage, and request certificates.

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Avalara Returns automates the entire sales tax filing process, saving time and money. Learn how to file and remit returns accurately and on time, every time. We will discuss the added benefit of automating your filing and remittance process and taking a look at Avalara Returns as a solution for navigating around many of the complex problems presented by filing and remittance. In this webinar you will learn about how to file stress-free returns, how to have one single source and payment and how to have better notice management.

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