Free Webinar
The Game of Nexus: Know Where You Owe
Date: Thursday, June 12
Time: 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific)
When it comes to tax compliance, nexus is the key to everything you do.

Nexus is defined as the obligation to collect and remit tax where business is conducted. However, there is a range of ways nexus is created, the rules vary state by state, and many companies aren't even aware of all of the possible triggers because they're constantly changing as sales tax legislation continues to evolve.

Attend this free, live webinar “The Game of Nexus: Know Where You Owe” and discover where you might have unknown tax obligations. We’ll cover nexus-creating activities like:
  • Travelling/ remote sales people or tradeshows
  • Leasing property for warehousing or data centers
  • Selling online, using online affiliates, or drop shipping