Filing and remitting sales tax returns and payments is a time-consuming, budget-draining, and error prone activity. Avalara Returns helps ensure end-to-end automation of your sales tax compliance process. With the help of pre-loaded calendars you can easily manage your remittance schedule, automating the entire filing process.

Returns ensures the right amount is remitted to the right taxing authority at the right time, dramatically shrinking the time your company spends on sales tax return processing.

When you are trying to close out your year-end, the last thing you want your staff burdened with is year end returns. You can streamline your process with Avalara and eliminate the stressful returns season now!

  • Automatic notifications
  • Stress Free Returns Processing
  • Single Source of Payment
  • Reduced Penalty & Interest Exposure
  • Records Retention Compliance
Let Avalara eliminate some of your tax pain. You can learn more about Avalara Returns services by attending one of our informational webinars. Register here