August 2020
The Juice: Tax News Served Fresh

Hi Customer,

We released our digital commerce playbook last month and learned how top retailers are shaping the ecommerce landscape by creating unique online shopping experiences. The full playbook — developed in partnership with business intelligence platform, PSFK — outlines the five customer experience stages in the digital path to purchase.

While all five stages work cohesively, we received the most questions regarding Stage 4: Transactions, Payments & Tax (page 33). A few key takeaways from this stage:

Avalara Customers expect checkout to be seamless, no matter their digital channel or geographic location. Invest in software solutions that are easy to plug-in, scale up, and that have global back-end capabilities, including currency conversion and tax compliance.

Avalara While shoppers may browse on different channels, sellers should make the opportunity to purchase available on any platform, at any moment. Optimize data entry points through intelligent automation to ensure that one-click checkout is a universal possibility.

Avalara Customers also expect flexible payment options. Consider figuring different payment systems, such as IOU, micro-credit, cryptocurrency, and social payment platforms into your checkout process.

If you’re looking for new ideas to ensure a streamlined and secure checkout and payment experience, or to improve your customer’s ecommerce experience in general, this playbook is full of successful examples that raise the bar.


Fresh news

Fresh News

Selling cross-border? What you need to know to prep your products for smooth customs clearance

If you buy or sell in international markets, you know how difficult it is to stay on top of the latest customs regulations, tariff codes, and duty rates. Learn how automation can help your business stay compliant and reduce the risk of shipments getting stuck in customs. In this 15-minute podcast, you’ll hear from Craig Reed, Senior Vice President of Global Trade at Avalara. Listen now »

Decreased revenues and profits weigh on finance pros during coronavirus

Avalara partnered with Zuora to survey hundreds of finance professionals in the United States and abroad. Out of 400 respondents, more than 50% cited managing cash flow as their top priority at the onset of the pandemic, and even more of them have seen a significant reduction in their organization's cash flow during COVID-19. Read more »

August 2020 sales tax holidays

Sales tax holidays will take place in more than a dozen states in August 2020. Products temporarily exempt from sales tax during tax-free periods range from aprons in Arkansas to trousers in Texas, and many more in between. Read more »

DC explores taxing sales of advertising and personal information

The Council of the District of Columbia was aiming to impose a 3% sales tax on personal information and advertising services, including digital advertising services, by as early as October 1, 2020. However, after discovering a problem with the proposed tax on advertising, the Council appears to be backpedaling. Read more »

2020 sales tax changes midyear update: COVID-19 edition

Just as the coronavirus seems here to stay for the foreseeable future, so do many of the new buying habits created by the pandemic. How do changes in consumer spending affect retail sales tax obligations? And what’s happening with tax relief efforts in the United States and abroad? Read more »

Does sales tax apply to electric car charging services?

Though the first sales of electricity predate sales tax, selling electricity through an electric vehicle charging station is relatively new. And in some states like South Carolina, New York, and Iowa, it’s not clear whether such sales are subject to sales tax. Read more »

July Roundup: Sales tax laws you need to know

Though few state legislatures were in session during July, numerous states did introduce or discuss sales tax policy changes. Read more »




The top 5 challenges of managing consumer use tax
Tuesday, August 18, 2020, 11:00 a.m. PT/2:00 p.m. ET

If your business isn’t required to pay sales tax on a purchase, did you know you may be required to pay consumer use tax? Mismanagement of consumer use tax is a common compliance error found by state auditors. Join our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, August 18, where we’ll explore the most common use tax challenges that companies face when improving and automating the management of tax liability on company spend. Register now »


2020 sales tax changes: Midyear update

Tune into this webinar to learn which COVID-19 tax relief efforts are still available to businesses, how future tax policy may change as states look to recoup revenue loss as a result oft the pandemic, and the latest on economic nexus laws and marketplace facilitator laws. Watch now »

The state of Wayfair: Economic nexus 2 years later

Watch this webinar to learn about economic nexus and how to determine when you’ve triggered it in a state. Also, find out how economic nexus laws have changed over the last two years, and hear different ideas for how you might manage sales tax more efficiently in light of economic nexus. Watch now »

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